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This is us, Ronnie, Maureen, Wessel and dog Luna.

We have been the owners of this wonderful part of Twente since the beginning of 2021. And it's really wonderful here, waking up to the deer in the backyard, a buzzard making a nosedive and a nice fat rabbit happily hobbling by. That is living with a golden edge. And we want to share this experience with you, your family and your  friends.

That is why we started Bed & Breakfast “Het Goede Gemoed” . A lovely little house with all the comforts to enjoy. Relaxing and doing absolutely nothing for a while, that is really very good here. Nice and active start the day with a walk or jog in the woods? That's fine.  Delicious food, visiting events and just being together. It all works fine here.

Maureen was a self-employed childcare entrepreneur and left her company two years ago. After a time of reflection and recovery, the time has now come to get back to work.  In addition to two administrative positions, she also started working as an entrepreneur again. The result can be found on the website  A nice little company that has and will get everything to "sow" a good mood. Maureen loves socializing, snacks, drinks, there is always something in the house to make it a little more cozy ...

Wessel is a student who especially likes solving problems and is also specialized in it. In addition, he knows exactly how to make life a party. He likes moped riding and motocross. It is therefore not entirely coincidental that his side job is guiding “trail riders”, here on the site of  de UT. A day out with friends to be able to ride a trail bike yourself. Wessel and his colleagues are happy to guide you.  He is regularly out and about or on tour with his friends.


As a family of 3 we are quite enterprising. Sports, cycling, good food, discovering the world, having a drink with friends and above all enjoying life is something we love to do...

Ronnie works as an independent entrepreneur in installation technology. He is a fanatical motocross racer, and old cars are also of great interest to him. Nice odd jobs in and around the house, Ronnie is actually always busy with something. At the same time, friends and fun are very important to Ronnie, he always makes time and space for that. He knows how to solve many small and big problems.  Whether or not in the most creative ways. The number of people who regularly "come here for a breath of fresh air" is therefore also large. The door is always open…

Luna our dog has been part of “our country” from the moment she came here for the first time. She scrapes a lot and finds the deer and their colleagues the most normal thing in the world. She regularly walks with one of us through the woods that already start across the street. She prefers to be outside to hide it as soon as she gets a bone. She is always nearby and will never leave the premises without one of the three of us. She is faithful and very curious. If she gets the chance, she will certainly come and visit us, of course we try to keep this to a minimum. Luna is not only the prettiest dog in the neighborhood but also the sweetest.

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